Emerging Home Trends



Emerging Home Trends


Kitchen cabinets are shifting to warmer gray tones from oranges and browns for a more authentic look. Cleaner designs are becoming more popular and thus hardware is becoming less visible, more modern, big drawers are favored because of the easier access.


Bathrooms are continuing to look more luxurious. TVs can now be integrated into medicine cabinets to avoid seeing a separate TV all the time. Stream showers keep growing; they are now equipped with built in speakers, Bluetooth, aromatherapy, etc. Antifogging devices are now available for the men who need to keep the mirror defogged when shaving.


Accent chairs are being used to add that extra accent at little cost. They can introduce a new style to a room while maintaining the same scale as other furnishings.

Combining Global Styles

With world becoming more accessible by the day, more ethnic fabrics and artworks are being mixed into transitional, traditional and modern spaces. Specifically, African and Asian pieces are becoming more popular and a trend is expected to emerge.


Technology systems are shifting from hard wired to wireless. Heating, lighting, security, sound and entertainment, window treatment, and doors are all becoming integrated into one network. While the wireless is less expensive problems may arise with connectivity.

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