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Do You Need Title Insurance?

title insurance - pixabay

Sherri Anne: Deirdre, as part of my buyer discussions, I walk through the settlement process. What paperwork to expect, including the closing statement and the costs associated with purchasing a home.

But let’s be honest, the excitement and focus is always on finding the perfect home. Details on closing costs and fees are discussed, but not internalized. When the closing document arrives a few days before settlement, most buyers start taking a closer look.

A home is likely the largest purchase most people make in their lifetime so ensuring that they are spending wisely–on every part of the transaction—is top of mind. When buyers start examining their bottom line, title insurance is something many ask if they can do without.

I’ve heard some horror stories regarding title issues and I know you’ve heard more. So, I thought it might be a great topic for us to discuss.

Deirdre: Of course. It’s important and, you are right, one that usually doesn’t get discussed until I am sitting at the closing. At that moment, emotions are running high. The buyer is ready to start their new chapter of life in their new home. That moment just isn’t the right time to be deciding if you should or shouldn’t purchase title insurance. Let’s shed some light on its merits and protection.

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Authored By Sherri Anne Green and Deirdre P. Brown
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