Discovering Gay and Lesbian Pittsburgh

Discovering Gay and Lesbian PittsburghPittsburgh is known as The Steel City – but it also has an emerging arts scene and DIY culture. It is an incredibly affordable place to live and has been hailed as the “new Portland” although some are angling for it to be the next Hollywood. It’s one of those in-between cities that is so characteristic of the Mid-Atlantic region. Not quite Northern, Southern, East Coast, or Midwestern – it’s a place all its own. In any case, Pittsburgh is trying to BE something, we just haven’t figured out what yet.

Casey: Although I grew up in Baltimore, I moved to Pittsburgh from Seattle exactly one year ago for graduate school at CMU. Before I got here, I was very concerned that there would be no gay people and I was making a huge mistake to leave the gay mecca of Seattle. Turns out, Pittsburgh is awesome! I have quickly fallen in love with this city and the queer community that I found here.

Hannah: I moved to Pittsburgh four years ago for university. I spent my first two years relatively isolated from the queer community – I went to a politically apathetic tech school (no names mentioned!) that kept me busy with actual organic chemistry rather than organic fruit markets and relationship chemistry. Starting two years ago, I began to expand beyond the Oakland neighborhood where school was and venture out into the queerer, greater Pittsburgh, and have found that the city has a surprisingly robust queer population. (Although it is still small enough that you basically know everyone in whatever corner of the city you’re in.) I have found a large divide between the gay/lesbian and queer communities, so that’s something to watch out for and probably not unique to Pittsburgh!

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