DC: What $500K Will Buy You

Washington DC Gay Real EstateLet’s face it: It’s been rough the past several years. Any real estate agent will tell you that. Economic growth has been tepid. The unemployment picture is not encouraging. The latest figures on new foreclosure filings are kind of scary. But the Washington area is doing better than most parts of the country, right?

To gauge the region’s real estate market, we set out to find out what you can buy today for $500,000 — from downtown Washington to farm country in Loudoun County. Our diverse group of properties shows how different parts of the region are faring.

Overall, of course, in most places it’s still a buyers’ market, which means a $500,000 property today buys you a lot more space and amenities than at the market’s peak, between 2005-2007. But the recovery of the region’s real estate market has been patchy and varies widely by county.

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