A Day on Wilton Drive – Wilton Manors, Florida

Rainbow-flagHave you been contemplating a move to South Florida, specifically Wilton Manors, Florida?  This great little city of around 12,000 people and only 1.94 sq miles is full of activity.  The city has a fantastic walking score as you can literally start on Wilton Drive and work your way around the city.  Wilton Manors, second to Provincetown, has the second highest gay couple population in the United States.  It is known as the “Island City”, “Gay Village”, and “WilMa”.

There are two well known dividing points in Wilton Manors.  Five Points which is an intersection that spiders throughout Wilton Manors, and of course the coveted Wilton Drive.

Wilton Drive is the Hub of the city.  It consists of restaurants, bars, boutique shops, lawyers, attorneys, real estate companies, coffee shops, and of course all of the nightclubs are within walking distance of each other.  At night time Wilton Drive because a mecca of people out walking around and enjoying the meals, weather, parks, and more before visiting a local pub for a night cap.

Homes for sale in Wilton Manors tend to be well manicured.  Homes on the east side of Wilton Manors tend to command a higher price as these properties can be on the water, are larger and are “closer” to downtown Wilton Manors, then homes on the West side of Wilton Manors. East Wilton Manors tends to be more desirable to new home owners, though the recent revitalization and influx of buyers has significantly changed Wilton Manors West.  Homes have become so pricey on the East Side that many buyers have looked into West Wilton Manors to purchase and improve the area.  Wilton Manors Luxury Homes for sale have seen a recent increase in prices also.

The city has a large Pride Center, World AIDS Museum and Educational Center, along with a branch of the Stonewall Library and Archives.  The city is a very popular Gay Travel Destination and houses many Gay Hotels and Motels to accommodate travelers of all ages, desires, and likes.

If you are looking for a fun, caring, diverse city that keeps its residents in mind at all times I urge you to visit Wilton Manors and discover this fun city for yourself.

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