Daniel P. Garcia – Pasadena Gay Realtor

Daniel P. Garcia - Pasadena Gay Realtor

Pasadena Gay Realtor With Two Decades of Experience

I’ve been a full time Realtor for over 19 years and have sold hundreds of properties for both sellers and buyers.

As a Pasadena gay Realtor, I bring a unique perspective to identify properties with resale always in mind whether you think your home will be long term, or not. Being a licensed General Contractor also, I can help with suggestions on what to do or what is possible to do for property improvements.

I have owned and sold over 12 properties personally where each one was renovated for top resale potential. This brings a huge advantage to my clients that many other realtors simply don’t have.

I’ve been with my life partner for over 33 years also. We both have a passion for real estate and currently live in a 1929 Spanish home. I help you through the entire process including negotiation, contracts, escrow, repairs, and closing!

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