Costa Rica Real Estate Draws Baby Boomers

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the most favored destinations for a growing number of American ‘baby boomer’ retirees who are looking to live out there days in the sun, shows a recent report by Fox Business.

According to Christopher Howard, a published author who has written several books on the topic of Central American retirement, the biggest attractions for Americans and also a number of Europeans moving to Costa Rica are the excellent climate, great quality of life and cheap living costs. In addition, the price of property is much lower than compared to the US, allowing those who sell up their homes and move to Costa Rica to bank a large portion of their old home’s value.

Costa Rica has also seen a growth in popularity due to the decline in the numbers of Americans heading to more traditional retirement homes in Guatemala and Mexico, which are both a lot less attractive than they used to be because of the increasing drug-related violence in those two countries.

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