Confessions of a Remodeler

Fixer-UpperIn late 2011 I leased a small beach cottage with an option to buy. Every once in a while you can still negotiate such a deal, but it’s rare.

In the spring of 2013 I exercised my option and became the owner of Chez Soleil, a charming getaway and secondary office where I would conduct business, host retreats, entertain clients and write the great American novel while basking in the sun on the deck overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

Since then, I have been remodeling. Seriously remodeling.

After a year and a half of renting the 1948 cottage, I had the place redesigned in my head at least a dozen different ways, with details down to the color and shape of the knobs on the kitchen cabinets decided. I was just waiting for settlement so I could begin and the wait was killing me.

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