Coldwell Banker Fires “Lifestyle Correspondent” After Santa Barbara Killer Comments

Dr. Robi LudwigThank you, Fox News, for bringing light to a dark situation. In the wake of the horrible mass murders committed by a young man in a college town, Fox News has helped us make sense of this senseless situation by giving a forum for Dr. Robi Ludwig to express her smart, enlightening diagnosis of the killer. The disturbed young man, Elliot Rodger, expressed in a 140-page manifesto and numerous videos that he was enraged that women rejected him and that he could not fulfill his heterosexual desires. Luckily, Dr. Ludwig did not allow us to view the situation at face value. She let us see, in a much more sophisticated way, that Rodger was suffering from his inability to “fight his homosexual impulses.”…

Coldwell Banker has since dropped Dr. Ludwig as their lifestyle real estate correspondent because of her comments. I do not know what a lifestyle real estate correspondent is, but it sounds trendy and glamorous, and it is a shame that Coldwell Banker got rid of her. She has since apologized, letting us know that she was “misunderstood” on Fox News.

Why is this necessary? She should not be ashamed. She was a beacon of light during the coverage of that horrible rampage. Robi Ludwig kept Americans from having to think about gun control or aggressive misogyny. Instead, she let us focus on hating the gays. That is so much easier.

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Authored By Domenick Scudera – See the Full Story at The Huffington Post

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