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Is San Francisco’s Gayborhood Once Again Migrating?

San Francisco Gayborhoods

When bars like the Gangway close, it’s easy to dive into conversations about nostalgia. As San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, the Gangway opened in 1910 and served primarily gay customers since the 1960s. Its shuttering earlier this year rippled through the LGBT community. Known as a humble yet familiar locale, it served as… Read more »

The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 17. San Francisco

San Francisco

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick: Exorbitant housing prices and a sinking high-rise couldn’t knock San Francisco from… Read more »

Best Cities for LGBT Seniors: #14 – San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Everyone knows this is America’s historical and cultural hub for the LGBT community and no list would be complete without it. It has the largest per capita gay population in the country and there simply isn’t another city on Earth that is more tolerant and accepting of gays and lesbians than San Francisco. In addition… Read more »