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The Evolution of the American Home

The single-family home in America has evolved in one particularly remarkable way: It has gotten bigger, and bigger. New homes built today are about a thousand square feet larger than single-family homes completed just 40 years ago (that’s about the size of an additional modest rowhouse in Washington, D.C.). All that space is a sign… Read more »

The Rise of Singles

Over the last half-century in America, it’s become acceptable, then increasingly common, then entirely unremarkable, to live alone. Women who once lived with their families until their wedding day now live alone. Men delaying marriage later into their 20s live alone. Divorces, more common today than in 1950, live alone. And seniors who live longer… Read more »

San Francisco Inventory Decline Leads to Mass Overbidding

A gradual decline in inventory has contributed to the increase in overbidding among buyers, according to a new report from Paragon Real Estate. The real-estate firm tallied the number of homes, co-ops, TICs, condos and even 2-4-unit buildings listed on the MLS, starting just before the market recovery began in 2012. It found that while… Read more »

What Street Will You Live On?

Something a little fun and fluffy for Sunday: For decades we have believed that the most popular name for a road was “2nd.” But by my analysis, that crown actually goes to “Park.” (Again, look to the methodology section for a discussion of this.) Out of over a million roads in the United States, 9,640… Read more »

Portland’s Gay Friendly Pearl District’s Twenty Years of Growth

One of our favorite places in the world, The Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, has been growing for twenty years. Oregon Live has a cool interactive graphic showing its growth. In 1994, the Portland City Council adopted affordable housing targets for about 250 acres north of downtown dubbed the “River District.” City leaders said they… Read more »

Where Are the New Condos in San Francisco? as put together a great interactive map of the current sand pending condo projects across The City: For those you who are more visually inclined, here is our map of new construction condo homes across San Francisco. For your convenience, we have organized the condo buildings into three chronological groups – buildings that have… Read more »

The Biggest US Cities Over 200 Years

OK, this chart is really cool. Starting in the early 19th century, New York City has been number one and never given up that pole position. (It’s the Kentucky hoops recruiting class of big city populations.) Philadelphia, too, has been relatively consistent population-wise over the centuries — starting at number one in 1790 and standing… Read more »

US Housing Market: Roaring?

Over at the Washington Post, they’re reporting that buying a home is now as hard as it was five years ago. That’s right: According to the National Association of Realtors, it’s almost as hard to afford a house as it was back when the financial crisis started to hit in 2008. But is that good… Read more »