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Seattle Region At A Crossroads As Home-Buying Power Shrinks

If you own a home in the Seattle area, consider yourself lucky. The area’s rapid population growth is outpacing new-home construction and helping to drive up home prices faster than gains in household income. The run-up threatens to make homes unaffordable to a typical household and challenges policymakers to come up with solutions. In King… Read more »

Lack of Supply Driving Up US Home Prices

Home prices in the U.S. have risen consistently for the last three years. By that measure, the housing market looks pretty good, but the prices are being driven by a severe lack of supply. And that’s discouraging for many buyers, especially in some of the hottest markets, like Denver. Take the case of new mom… Read more »

Seattle Home Shortage Could Continue for Years

Typically home-buying activity falls off during the summer months, but not this year in the metro Puget Sound region, where buyers are competing to buy fewer homes while paying significantly higher prices. The lack of condos and houses for sale is nothing new as real estate agents have been clamoring for additional inventory for more… Read more »