Castro Gayborhood Sidewalks Hilight LGBT History

Alan Turing PlaqueIf you’ve been on San Francisco’s Castro Street in the past year, you’ve run into some sidewalk construction. Rest assured, it wasn’t in vain. The sidewalks are now wider and more pedestrian-friendly. The palm trees add greenery and decoration. The street lamps turn the street into a kind of dramatic stage set at night.

Look down and you’ll see the sidewalks are literally paved with historic heroes and heroines. Twenty golden plaques cemented along the main Castro drag represent the historic Rainbow Honor Walk, a tribute to key influencers in the movement for liberation and equality.

You’ll discover faces of authors like Oscar Wilde, politicians like George Choy, and crusaders like Tom Waddell, all staring up at you as you stroll from bar to bar, cafe to restaurant, store to boutique. (Bonus points if you can find one of the errors on the plaques.)

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Authored By Gabe Cooper – See the Full Story at Queerty

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