Castro Gayborhood Construction Project – Full Speed Ahead

Castro PlanConstruction on the long-awaited sidewalk-widening project in San Francisco’s gay Castro district is steaming along at full speed. Workers have begun digging up the west side of the 400 block of Castro Street. Parking has been eliminated on both sides of the block, as the traffic lanes have been down-sized to one lane in each direction.

A pink marking along the sidewalk shows just how little room will remain for pedestrians over the next three months as the sidewalks are extended out into the street. Ramps are to be installed along the street to allow for access in and out of businesses.

Writing about the construction work commencing on Facebook Tuesday, March 18, Cliff’s Variety co-owner Martha Asten warned shoppers to consider taking public transit and avoiding driving through the Castro altogether. “Driving on Castro will be challenging, so have patience. Check the lot for parking but Muni may be the way,” warned Asten, referring to a public parking lot behind the Castro Theater. “Also try side streets for parking but remember they are two hours or S permit. Choose alternate driving routes if just traversing the neighborhood.”

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Authored By Matthew S. Bajko – See the Full Story at the Bay Area Reporter

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