Buying a Vacation Home

Buying a Vacation HomeMany of us dream of having that special getaway to retreat to on the weekends, holidays and anytime we just want to escape from the daily grind. Whether it is a mountain cabin, a casita on a lake or country cottage, we all have a need to go somewhere to rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit. If you plan to actually buy a getaway home outside the city, there are several things that you should take into consideration.

By living in the city, we enjoy many services that may or may not be available in country or mountain communities. City living typically has public services and utilities like water, sewage, natural gas, electricity and trash pickup. But when you are living out of the city, not all of these public utilities and services are available.

A city sewage system is a common service that is not always available in many outlying communities. It is not uncommon for homes in the country and mountains to have their own septic system. This is an onsite self-managed mini sewer system that each homeowner is responsible for. So if you are buying a home outside the city, it is important to know if the home you are buying is connected to a city sewer system or has its own septic tank. If there is a septic tank on the property, you will be responsible for it and should have it inspected and certified before the close of your escrow.

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