Bulgaria, New Vacation Home Hot Spot for European Gay Couples?

Bulgaria Gay Real EstateThe Sofia News Agency (www.novinite.com) reports many European gay couples, looking for a second home in sun, are heading for Bulgaria. Notaries have announced that properties along the picturesque Black Sea coast are said to be the top choice among Dutch, German and British same-sex families.

Property prices there are relatively inexpensive, offering a great return on your investment, in a quiet and tranquil area where other LGBT are visiting. In Bulgaria property is registered in the name of one person so there is no statistical data, as yet, regarding the number of homes purchased by foreign gay couples.

Bulgaria does not recognise same-sex marriages- the majority of both lesbian and gays do not face hostility and opposition, but the society as a whole, still has a long way to go to accept them without prejudice. There have been many vocal supporters of lesbian and gays actively fighting for their rights.

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