Bozeman, Montana Real Estate Market Strong

Montana Real EstateI moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2007 with my born and raised Montanan husband. After relocating to Bozeman I have watched the city evolve and grow from something that felt like a small town to a flourishing city. I was here to experience the terrible explosion in downtown Bozeman. The hailstorm of 2010 that thrashed a great deal of our city, the recession affects, and now I see the city that has emerged through all of this turbulence.

The beginning of 2013 is showing me a city that will experience a great year of growth and community events. We have two new hotels being built; Comfort Inn Suites and My Place Hotel. Residents just had TJ Maxx come to Bozeman, Olive Garden just opened, Starbucks, Tullys, Qdoba Mexican Grill, City Brew Coffee, CVS, I also heard there is a Whiskey Bar going into the old Looie’s Down Under. For a city as small as Bozeman, we must be doing something right. Businesses want to come here, and they are bringing jobs with them.

Home prices are also going up at a dramatic rate due to low inventory and high demand. Bozeman is someplace that people want to go, stay, and enjoy.

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