“Billionaire’s Condo Building” Approved in New York

Billionaires' Condo Building, New York CityOne of the proposed Manhattan super-skyscrapers that I mentioned last month has been approved by the city. At a comparative height of more than 100 floors, it will have only 100 apartments.

Ever want to look down on the Empire State Building? How about from your apartment? In three years, well-heeled buyers will be able to do that from the top floors of a 1,350-foot tower that won approval Tuesday. The building’s roofline is 100 feet higher than New York’s famous skyscraper — minus its iconic antenna — and will rise like a serrated knife next to Steinway Hall on W. 57th St.

The new-old tandem, due for completion in 2016, will contain about 100 apartments. Construction should start next spring, and the famed piano company will move out of its 1925 home. The designers said they got their inspiration for the sleek structure from early cloud-busters such as the Empire State and Woolworth buildings.

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