Best Date to List a Home for Sale, By Market

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Spring selling season is ready to bloom–in just over a week for some of the nation’s markets according to Zillow, which last week reported the best time frame to list a home for sale in specific major metros across the nation. The Hanley Wood Data Studio picked up on the Zillow report and created the interactive map shown above. Click on the regions to see the optimal date range in each market to list a home for sale, the average sales premium when listed in those weeks, and the amount of time it takes those listings to sell.

Surprisingly, even a difference of two weeks can significantly impact the number of days a home remains on the market, as well as the final amount it will sell for. By analyzing data surrounding single-family homes and condos between 2008 and 2015 within each metro, Zillow determined that nationally, the best time to list a property is in early May between the 1 st and 15 th. Homes listed within these dates sell 18.5 days faster than the national average, and for a sales premium of $1,700–or 0.9% more–than the average American home.

Minneapolis had the highest sales premium of the bunch for homes listed May 1-15 showing a 2% premium ($4,300) and selling 19.25 days faster than the average. Homes in New York and Northern New Jersey also had an optimal listing time of May 1-15, but showed the least significant sales premium of only 0.6%. However, homes in that market sold 16.5 days faster than the average.

By Lauren Shanesy – Full Story at Builder Online