Best Cities for Gay, Lesbian & Straight Singles

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If you found yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, your location may be the problem. While you can find love anywhere, it’s even easier to find love in some metros than others according to new research on the best cities for love in 2016.

Zillow looked at the following factors to measure a city’s likelihood of fostering love among its residents:

  • The density of singles in that area, by sex and sexual orientation
  • The density of date spots in the area
  • The disposable income (of the city’s residents) available for dating
  • The walkability of the area

Unsurprisingly, different cities rank in the top places to find love based on sexual orientation. Here is a break down by sexual orientation of where you are most likely to find love:

Single Gay Male:

1. San Francisco
2. Washington, DC
3. Boston
4. New York
5. Seattle
6. Portland, OR
7. Austin
8. Milwaukee
9. Philadelphia
10. Denver

Single Straight Male:

1. New York
2. Boston
3. Washington DC
4. Philadelphia
5. San Francisco
6. Baltimore
7. Buffalo
8. Providence
9. New Orleans
10. Chicago

Single Lesbian Female:

1. Boston
2. San Francisco
3. Portland, OR
4. New York
5. Seattle
6. Philadelphia
7. Milwaukee
8. Baltimore
9. Washington, DC
10. Austin

Single Straight Female:

1. San Francisco
2. Boston
3. Seattle
4. New York
5. Washington, DC
6. Philadelphia
7. New Orleans
8. Portland, OR
9. Buffalo
10. Pittsburgh

Overall, here are the top 10 cities for singles of all sexual orientations to find love: