AZ: Flagstaff Second Homes Almost Doubled in Last Ten Years

Flagstaff Real EstateFlagstaff wasn’t lacking for new housing in the past decade — new units were up 23 percent. But it was the second-home market that saw the greatest growth, surging 93 percent.

New census data released this morning shows that as Flagstaff grew over the last decade, developers tried to keep up with housing demand on both fronts. More than 4,800 homes and apartments were built in the last decade according to the latest count, bringing the total number of homes inside the Flagstaff city limits to 26,254, up nearly 23 percent.

Flagstaff saw a population surge during the same period, growing by by 12,976 people, or roughly 25 percent, to 65,870. The sizable growth in the last decade has been discounted by Flagstaff city officials, who continue to believe the 2000 Census figures were flawed and undercounted the number of Flagstaff residents by several thousand.

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Full Story from The Arizona Daily Sun

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