Atlanta Okays Temporary Rainbow Crosswalks for Gayborhood

Robert Sepulveda Jr.The gayborhood will get a little gayer just in time for Pride. The Atlanta City Council on Monday approved the temporary installation of rainbow crosswalks at a busy Midtown intersection.

The resolution, sponsored by City Council member Kwanza Hall, enables the crosswalks for 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue for two weeks, paving the way for supporters to install them on Oct. 3 just days ahead of the city’s Pride celebration.

“I’d like all the donors, sponsors and supports of the crosswalks to know and understand that we’ve still made history, but progress takes time. This is a step in the right direction,” Robert Sepulveda Jr., founder of the Atlanta Rainbow Crosswalks, said Tuesday in a prepared statement. “The crosswalks will be installed for Pride 2015. That is something we should all be so proud of.”

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