Arrested Development Explains the Housing Crisis

Arrested Development & Real EstateAs surely as Guns N’ Roses’s “Chinese Democracy” is in the iTunes store and Duke Nukem Forever is on Steam, the fourth season of “Arrested Development” is, after seven years of hints and speculation, finally on Netflix.

The show’s always had a political bent and the latest iteration is no exception. But while the first three seasons deal with the Iraq War, what with George Sr. making “lightly treasonous” deals with Saddam Hussein and Lucille forcing Buster into the Army because of taunts from a Michael Moore-like documentary maker, the fourth focuses on what the housing crash did to this family of real estate developers.

Here are a few of the more blatant political notes – and the real-life events that inspired them. Spoilers abound, so proceed with caution.

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Authored By Dylan Matthews – See the Full Story at Wonk Blog

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