Arlene Goldberg – Fort Myers Lesbian Real Estate Agent

Arlene Goldberg - Ft. Myers Lesbian Realtor

Arlene was employed by Lee County Government’s, Facilities Management Department, as their service contracts manager, securing and managing leased commercial properties and associated services as required for county departments. Securing my Florida Real Estate license in 2000.
Being hired for a large corporation, in Fort Myers, as their Facilities/Safety Director she took a 14 year leave from Real estate. She re-activated my Real Estate License and is now selling Residential property and LOVING IT!!!

After being awarded the “Voice for Equality Award”, from Equality Florida in 2014, she continues to be very involved in equality in her SW Florida community. A Ft. Myers lesbian Realtor, she is a member of the SW Florida Homeless Coalition; attended Queens College in New York and Edison Community College in Fort Myers for courses in English.

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