Are Techies Pushing Up Boston Housing Prices?

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Just call it the housing market’s geek factor. Trulia takes a look at 10 tech hubs across the country, including Middlesex County, home to both Cambridge and the Route 128 beltway. Homes on average cost 82 percent more in tech hubs than in other metro areas without large constellations of technology companies, Trulia finds.

In fact, we are number four when it comes to price per square foot, weighing in at $223, behind only San Jose, Calif. (a crazy $410 per square foot), Seattle, and San Francisco. Nearly half the homes in Middlesex County are no longer affordable to middle-class families pulling down the area’s median salary.

At least we are not as bad as San Francisco, where only 14 percent of middle-class families can afford the average home, or San Jose, where that number is still a pathetic 31 percent.

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Authored By Scott Van Voorhis – See the Full Story at the Boston Globe

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