Are Short Sales the New Normal?

Short SalesBack in 2003, when I first got my real estate license, times were good. The prices of homes were going up, sellers were getting a great return on their investment, buyers were getting homes with ‘no money’ down and life was wonderful. But as everyone now knows, the housing bubble has burst and we are all left to pick up the pieces.

The first clear sign that the real estate market was tanking was the rash of home foreclosures. There have always been foreclosures but not in the sheer volume that we saw in 2008, 2009 and forward. In some areas of Metro Atlanta, whole communities were going under. New construction halted as we were seeing builders go out of business and their home inventory go into foreclosure.

But foreclosure is a “no-win” for everyone. The homeowner looses their homes, ruins their credit and is left to face the devastation that comes with it. Every homeowner in the community is affected by their neighbors’ foreclosure in the loss of property values and community cohesiveness. And finally, the lender looses in attorney fees, loss of value in the home, cost to resale the home and so on. The only winner that emerged in the foreclosure arena were the homebuyers with credit good enough to purchase. As with any crisis there is a silver lining and great home deals are the silver lining now.

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