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Boston Gay Real EstateWhether you’re new to Boston or new to gay, welcome! I have lived in Boston (well, Cambridge) with my wife for almost 5 years and, in the process, have come to discover some of the best things Boston has to offer.

One of the greatest things about Boston is Massachusetts, which provides you with a lot more legal protections than most other states. Since gay marriage has been legal here since 2004, it’s kind of old news. My experience has been that people for the most part aren’t concerned if you’re gay, straight, bi, trans, purple, whatever, which for many gays can be a refreshing change.

If you’re in the mood for brunch and have the time to trek down to the South End, I highly recommend Gaslight. The brunch prix fixe at $9.95 is easily the best deal in town and the food is phenomenal (my favorite is the Vanilla French Toast). If you happen to have a free afternoon and want to spend some time in one of the country’s best gay book stores, head on downtown to Calamus, which features an incredible selection of books as well as author events!

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