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The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 25. Long Beach, California

Long Beach

Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick:

Long Beach has long been an underrated California city, with most folks paying more attention to San Francisco and nearby Los Angeles. Many are finally catching on to Long Beach though, especially since it’s so welcoming to LGBT residents. Not only does Long Beach have a gay Latino mayor — Robert Garcia — it’s renowned for its ebullient Pride celebration, numerous female couples, diverse queer residents, the Queen Mary ocean liner, charming downtown and waterfront, and easy light rail connection to downtown L.A. But you don’t need to hop on the train to catch a screening of Moonlight; there are plenty of LGBT-friendly movie theaters within the city limits. More on Long Beach here.

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