The Advocate’s Queerest Cities in America – 10. Irvine, Calif.


Every year, The Advocate ranks the cities in the US for queer friendliness based on a number of criteria. This year, the criteria includes lesbian bars, trans events, gay rugby teams, theaters screening “Moonlight”, Misterb&b hosts, LGBT centers, and more. Here’s today’s pick:

An Orange County, Calif., city in the top 10? As mentioned previously, the notoriously moneyed and conservative county went blue this election for the first time in decades. And economically-vibrant Irvine is Orange County’s most LGBT-friendly city, according to the Municipal Equality Index, thanks to anti-discrimination protections, benefits to LGBT employees, and local services. Irvine is sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego, and has its own LGBT-affirming church. More on Irvine here.

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