AB: Edmonton’s Downtown Faces Golden Opportunity

Edmonton, Alberta Gay Real EstateThis is a city that can’t help but grow, as the city’s chief economist likes to say. For Edmonton, it’s already baked into the pie. The real question is: What kind of growth does this city want?

Will it remain an esthetically challenged, relentlessly utilitarian industrial burg -the “boiler room” of Canada, as Mordecai Richler once dubbed it? Or will Edmonton evolve into something better -a more physically attractive, dynamic, culturally enriched 21st-century metropolis? The choice is ours.

When the planet’s second-largest oil reserves are located in your backyard and crude is selling for $108 US a barrel, that unleashes huge opportunities. No wonder more than $30 billion is pouring into new and existing oilsands projects every year. But most of the spinoff benefits are on the city’s periphery.

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