A Call From The Anonymous Buyer

I had a call last weekend from someone that wanted to see two condos in a certain building and found me online. I was driving at the time and let her know I’d give her a call back in a couple hours. I could tell then that she wasn’t happy I couldn’t setup a time to show them during that phone call. In less than two hours I called her back and had the units pulled up, by this time she had three others she wanted to see in the building but, all of them were under contract.

We can meet you in the next couple of hours. Where should we meet you?

I explained that I’d need a little more info before we could start touring, I first asked if I could have her contact info; full name, email, and number that’s best to reach her on. She dodged that completely –

What time can you show these condos?

Then I asked what they were looking for in terms of a property – would this be investment or a new home? Size? Location? She grew increasingly annoyed and then when I asked if they had been pre-approved the downhill spiral began.

Who are you to ask me if I’ve been pre-approved and on a property that’s in such a low price range? I make six figures and I’m already selling a house way more expensive than this. I’ve been verbally pre-approved and that’s all you need to know.

Despite my effort to explain that I don’t ask for a pre-approval for different price ranges, I ask for them in any price range from all my buyers. She promptly told me that she’d find a better agent that would show her what she wants. I don’t doubt for a second that she found another agent to hop in their car and show her the properties but, that’s not how I operate. I follow a process with all my buyers and before I go out and spend time and money touring a pre-approval letter or proof of funds for a cash buyer comes first. I have never had a challenge or any push-back from someone that’s serious about buying. They know it’s needed and many times have already taken care of it before contacting me. Without one there’s too much time that is being risked and time is priceless to me and my business. It is to serious buyers too, they want to know what they can afford and then have me find it for them.

For a lead to become a client there is going to have to be information shared on both sides and part of that is me needing to know what you’re looking for, where you’d like to find it and if you qualify to buy it. I’m not doing my job if I just show up and open a door for anyone that asks. If you’re not pre-approved I can help connect you with a lender that we trust and have a lasting rapor with. In return I’ll be happy to provide you with houses that are currently available, in your price range that match what you’re looking for and be ready to tour when you find something that interests you.
Andy Kogan
Residential & Commercial Realtor
Office Sales Manager
Recipient of Ambassador’s & Executive Club Awards
Multi-Million Dollar Producer Since 2007
West USA Realty, Sharon Sigman
[email protected]

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