Paying a Realtor

What Is My Home Worth?I don’t want to pay an agent a lot of money to sell my home…

I was standing at my local supermarkets’ deli counter, with my “take a number” ticket, when I overheard a man talking to a woman, (it turns out they were neighbors), about selling his home.

When the conversation hit a pause I introduced myself with “I couldn’t help but overhear” and went on to offer my services. The man smiled and said something like, “no offense but I’m not interested in paying a lot of money to a real estate agent to sell my home.”

I explained that several different studies have shown that using a REALTOR® increases your net by 12-15%. His response was “yeah right, I think you guys make that stuff up”. He said it as though he was joking so I tried not to look offended but I’m not a liar and I’m certainly not a guy. I added that the services of a good real estate attorney could cost $350+ per hour.

We talked more and I found out that the home he was selling was inherited after his parents had passed. Realizing I wasn’t going to make a an immediate convert I offered him my card just in case he changed his mind or needed a referral to a good real estate attorney.

At this point I heard my number called and became completely focused on my deli order, a pound of thinly sliced mesquite smoked turkey breast, it’s official, I’m addicted.

After paying for our purchases I wished him good luck with the sale of his property and he went his way and I went mine. Will I ever hear from him? I doubt it. I doubt he’ll even call for the name of a good real estate attorney. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how and where people get their opinions, perhaps he had a bad experience in the past. However he came to hold his opinions they are going to make the process of selling his home more costly and painful that it needs to be.

I try not to take encounters like this one personally but it’s hard not to. I know how hard I work for my clients. I strive to deliver the same quality of service and professionalism that I would want from an agent representing me. And I work hard to make the process as smooth and stress free as humanly possible. My clients don’t pay me “a lot of money to sell their homes” they pay me exactly what I’ve earned.

(shared from a Realtor in AZ)

Andy Kogan

Residential & Commercial Realtor
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