8 Tips for Choosing the Right Agent to Sell your Home

Jeff HammerbergAre you looking for a realtor to represent you in the sale of your home? A good realtor can make a significant difference in selling your home. This article will provide you with 10 valuable tips that will become useful for you in choosing the right realtor.

  1. Select a professional with some experience. Selling a home is not considered an easy task in many parts of the country in today’s market. Therefore you need to select a professional who has experience in listing, marketing and selling homes ~ not a “buyer’s agent” but a selling agent.
  2. Look at their past. You need to examine the past of the realtor and check whether he has maintained an excellent customer reputation within the past few years. At sites like GayRealEstate.com past client comments are posted on realtor profiles. This will assist you to analyze the realtor with less hassle.
  3. Have an initial conversation with more than one realtor. Again, with sites like GayRealEstate it’s easy to choose a couple of different agents based upon their profiles, areas of specialty and past client feedback.
  4. Interview realtors in a proper way. Most realtors hate this tip. You need to meet with more than one agent and have them do a full listing presentation for you. This usually consists of their marketing plan, background, background on their brokerage and a valuation of your property.
  5. Don’t go for the biggest producer at all the times. Don’t assume that the highest producer is the best Realtor or gives the best service. Therefore you need to analyze the realtors and go for the most reputable one, and the one your gut tells you to get a hassle free service.
  6. You get what you pay for. The market decides what a Realtor can charge as the service charges. If it is too much, people will not tend to use them. Discounted realtors don’t have the ability to maintain their business for a long period of time, or spend the massive amount of money it takes to market your home properly. Therefore you need to use your common sense and don’t pick based upon the lowest commission… after all, if the house doesn’t sell, you’ll have a really low commission… zero.
  7. Don’t allow the realtor to buy your listing. It is common for a home seller to list with the realtor that gives them highest asking price. You should not do this and you need to have your realtor defend any price they come up with ~ the numbers are black and white, make sure you understand them, and price your home to sell.
  8. Ask for past client contact information. Tell both agents your interviewing you’d like to speak with at least three people whose homes he/she sold in the past 12 months. Actually call them and see what the feedback is.

All these tips will assist you to sell your home with less hassle with the help of a professional realtor ~ happy home selling!

Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of www.GayRealEstate.com [email protected]