63% of San Francisco Homes Now Worth More Than 1 Million

San Francisco HomeIn all of San Francisco, according to McLaughlin’s study, more than 63 percent of homes (including condos and town houses) are valued at $1 million or more. That’s up from 39 percent in 2010.

The city’s housing crunch is a familiar story. We’ve known that lower- and middle-income families have struggled to stay in San Francisco. But things aren’t much better at the upper end, where even families making a solid six-figure income are finding that the market is running away from them.

Bernal Heights is just one of the neighborhoods seeing big changes. Some of the other neighborhoods seeing steep climbs — to the point where virtually every house is a $1 million home — include the Inner Sunset (31 percent to 96 percent) and Central Richmond (45 percent to 96 percent).

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Authored By CW Nevius – See the Full Story at the San Francisco Chronicle

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