3 Tips to sell your home fast

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Selling your home is for top market value requires skill and art. Here are 3 quick tips for any seller who is ready to take the next step.

Step 1 – Hire a Home Inspector

The first of the 3 tips to sell your home fast is to hire a home inspector. During escrow, the buyer will order a home inspection. Based on the report, they will ask for repairs, ask for a monetary credit or cancel the transaction. Consider hiring your own home inspector before you list the property so you can make the necessary repairs now. The house will show better during the listing period and your buyers will be pleasantly surprised when they do their own inspection.

Step 2 – Do It Yourself Home Staging

When marketing your home, you never get a second chance to make a lasting first impression with a prospective buyer. Here’s what we recommend for every listing.

Front Door. The front door is a welcoming sign to prospective buyers. Make sure it is clean or freshly painted. A seasonal decoration such as a wreath also adds an inviting touch.
Lawn and Landscaping. Begin by fertilizing your lawn and mowing it regularly to keep it looking manicured. Trim overgrown plants and trees. Remove any debris from planter areas and add colorful fresh flora or bark to flower beds.
The Brighter the Better. Clean windows and open draperies highlight your walls and ceilings. By letting in natural sunlight, you are letting buyers see how bright and inviting your home can be.
Eliminate Clutter. Buyers have a hard time seeing beyond clutter. By removing items that you seldom use, buyers are able to appreciate the space your home has to offer. Items such as newspapers and toys should be removed from main living areas.

A Clean Kitchen is a Must. Many buyers judge housekeeping based on the condition of the oven and stove. Make sure both look as shiny as possible. Clean the interior of your dishwasher, removing stains, especially on the door. Clean out your kitchen cabinets and countertop space, pack away any unnecessary and seldom used items.

Sparking Bathrooms. All tile and grouting should be clean and free of soap scum. Fixtures should be free of watermarks and polished. If there is a window, open it to allow a fresh breeze.
Make Closets Appear Larger. By removing items that can be packed or stored elsewhere, closets appear neat and organized, ample and more appealing

Step 3 – Upgrades That Pay Off

As a rule, new carpet and paint will pay off in any market. When we advise our clients about other upgrades, including kitchen and bath remodels, we look at the market first. What are properties selling for without upgrades vs. with upgrades. We then compare that to the cost and make our recommendation.

If you are thinking of selling now or in the future, please invite us over for a no-cost consultation to get your home ready for sale.

When buying real estate it is always a smart idea to research the market and determine what is right for your needs. The Moeller Team would be happy to assist and answer the complex real estate questions. Please feel free to contact us directly or visit us on Facebook.

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