3 Clever Tips For Moving to the Gayborhood With Pets

Are you planning on moving to the Gayborhood soon? Even during a crazy pandemic year, the Gayborhoods are a fun place to set up shop and spend time in. During a year filled with turbulence, humans are seeking a sense of community and connection now more than ever. Gayborhoods come with that and much more. The people are great, the streets are clean, and the atmosphere is inviting. It sounds great, right? Unfortunately, moving is not always the easiest task. Especially if you plan to move pets. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Whether you’re selling your home and buying a new one, or just moving to a new rental unit, moving can be one of the most stressful events of a person’s life. Aside from all of the logistics, uprooting your family can be very emotional. Transitioning your pet to a new environment is no different.

Dogs, cats, birds, and even fish grow accustomed to their space, and moving them to a new home can come with unique challenges. Additionally, with so many aspects of moving to consider, planning appropriately for your pet’s move is sometimes overlooked.

There is no one quick solution, but here are 3 clever tips for moving with pets that can make the process just a little bit easier.

Move Them Out Early

As a pet owner, you sometimes don’t notice your pet following you around and vying for your attention. However, there are certain times when this can cause problems. Moving day is one of them. Having your pet around on moving day can not only be confusing and disorienting for them; it can also be dangerous. Moving heavy furniture around while small pets are navigating around your old home or your new home could lead to potential injury for you and them.

To avoid any complications, consider leaving your pet with a family member, friend, or at a kennel for the day. This will allow you to focus squarely on the task at hand without having to worry about the whereabouts of your furry friend throughout the day. This might also allow for a more seamless transition to your pet’s new environment.

Prepare A Bag

In the first few days or even weeks of living in your new home, prepare for a mess. It’s very common during this time to have trouble finding your own things. Items that are typically easily accessible often aren’t including clothes, toiletries, and your pet supplies. That’s why it’s a great idea before moving to pack a bag for your pet that will ensure they’re taken care of for the days or even weeks following the move.

This could include their food, grooming tools, and any medication they might take. But it can also include personal belongings that will help ground them in their new space like toys and cat jungle gyms.

Update Their Information

When you move, it’s important to remember to change your address on things like your credit card and your driver’s licence. It’s important not to forget to also update your pet’s information as well. For example, it’s crucial to ensure your vet knows you’ve moved in case there’s any medication that is regularly delivered.

If you have your address listed on your pet’s collar, you might also take this opportunity to treat them to a brand new collar with your updated address and contact information. Finally, if you belong to any pet supply subscription services online, don’t forget to change your address on those as well.


Your pets are an important part of your family. While moving can be a stressful experience for a variety of reasons, considering their role in the move will help you avoid problems down the road. Making sure they’re comfortable in their new home will help you make sure you’re comfortable in your new home.