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Should I Lowball the Asking Price?

Today we are going to talk about some interesting negotiation techniques. When you work with a real estate agent to buy your home, you are building a team to work on your behalf and your financial interests in a real estate transaction. Sometimes your Realtor will advise you, given the context of the home sale, to go… Read more »

Saugatuck’s a Hot Gay Market

Saugatuck -

Bill Underdown in Saugatuck sent us this article: Discover the open-minded charm that’s made the Saugatuck/Douglas area a favorite destination for many in the LGBT community. Our deep roots in the creative arts have grown into an accepting culture where you’ll find people from all walks of life mingling comfortably on the beach or out… Read more »

Should You Buy a Home This Year?

buy a house - deposit photos

Planning to buy a home in 2019? Here are four more reasons why you should not wait any longer to purchase your new home this year. Interest Rates on the Rise: Zillow predicts mortgage rates will continue to rise throughout 2019. As interest rates rise, your purchasing power can decrease. For example, on a $324,900 condo,… Read more »

Housing Shortages Self-Made, Unnecessary

A glaring disparity between North American cities has accentuated in the past decade: housing affordability. As house prices spike in specific locales, they make ownership a dream rather than a reality. Higher rents also eat away at the disposable incomes of residents. The squeeze means many locals simply must leave, and it spawns homeless populations… Read more »