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8 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Agent Love You

real estate agent - pixabay

Just what does it take to make the agent who’s done so much for you swoon? There are plenty of ways to build a harmonious, lasting, and fulfilling relationship that will take you from starter home to happily ever after. Check out this list of things that’ll make your agent fall head over heels in… Read more »

Shea Steel – Portland Lesbian Real Estate Agent

Shea Steel - Portland Lesbian Realtor

Shea is a multi-million dollar Portland lesbian Realtor living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about the Portland real estate business, and provides impeccable customer service and satisfaction to her clients. Buying or selling a home is an important event in your life, and she will ensure that your experience is smooth and pleasurable…. Read more »

Why People Move – Lighter Side of Real Estate

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Unless you’re a college student or someone who lives with minimal belongings, moving can be a fairly intimidating undertaking. From packing all those boxes to finding a moving company that won’t drop your heirloom grandfather clock down a flight of stairs, it’s daunting to say the least. But sometimes there are factors beyond your control… Read more »

Julie Nelson – Lesbian Austin Real Estate Agent

We think you need “smart” real estate … smart buying strategies, smart offers, smart pricing, smart relocation and just simply an attentive and intelligent focus on the market, its intricacies, its changes and trends. A former business analyst and in the real estate business since 1999, Julie is an Austin lesbian Realtor, top performer and… Read more »

Mary Discher – Paradise Valley Real Estate Agent

Mary Discher - Phoenix Realtor

Clients are the best judge of knowledge, customer service, loyalty, etc. As the testimonial page on Mary’s website reflects, her clients rave about her service and the wonderful experience she provides through the buying and selling process. A Phoenix metro area Realtor, she honors any opportunity to work hard for a client, and doesn’t take… Read more »

Arlene Goldberg – Fort Myers Lesbian Real Estate Agent

Arlene was employed by Lee County Government’s, Facilities Management Department, as their service contracts manager, securing and managing leased commercial properties and associated services as required for county departments. Securing my Florida Real Estate license in 2000. Being hired for a large corporation, in Fort Myers, as their Facilities/Safety Director she took a 14 year… Read more »

TIPS: Buying a Home Sooner Than Planned

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We’ve had several clients recently buy homes long before they thought they would. These clients came in for meetings and told us that they wouldn’t be buying for at least a year. Four months later, they’re in a new home! We’re seeing this happen time and again so we thought we’d take a moment to… Read more »

TIPS: Moving From a Condo to a House

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Thinking of moving from your smaller condo into a single-family home? Read on and find out what to expect. Thinking about making the leap from condo living to single-family homeownership? Read on. We’ve helped many clients when moving from a condo to a house so we thought we’d share the main benefits of making this… Read more »

The Death of the Gayborhood

Castro District - pixabay

Is the LGBTQI-centric neighborhood still needed in this day and age? Over the past few decades, city neighborhoods have changed. Developers have moved in, building condos and mixed-used developments that have displaced many residents and mom-and-pop businesses. When talking about this phenomenon, we normally refer back to the racial makeup of a city, but one… Read more »

Denver to Get Rainbow Crosswalks

Denver Rainbow Crosswalks

Organizations in Denver, Colorado are raising money to install permanent rainbow crosswalks by June—just in time for Pride Month. If successful, Denver will join the ranks of Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Hollywood in installing these colorful crosswalks for good. How is this happening? This move is being spearheaded by the area’s Buffalo Exchange,… Read more »