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TIPS: Holding Title With a Friend or Partner

Holding Title - Pixabay

Considering buying a home with a friend or partner? While it may not be your first thought, the answer is “yes.” Property can be purchased by a variety of different buyers—an individual, a business entity, a married couple, and even friends or partners who are not married. When non-married people purchase real property together —… Read more »

How Much Are Foreign Investors Driving Up Real Estate Prices?

cash buyers in CA

Scott and Erica Rothenberg thought the years of scrimping and saving had finally paid off. The three-bedroom house outside of Elk Grove—an upper-middle-class suburb of Sacramento—checked all of the boxes: quiet neighborhood, quality school district, ample space to start a family. But the couple knew competition for the house—like most houses in desirable California neighborhoods—would… Read more »

Ed Elam – Boise Gay Real Estate Agent

Ed Elam - Boise Gay Realtor

After a successful career in the restaurant business in Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California, Ed returned to McCall and managed the Shore Lodge before moving to Boise in 1994. Ed worked as an electrical contractor before obtaining his real estate license and putting years of experience building and remodeling homes to work. As a… Read more »

Justin Ziegler – Atlanta Gay Real Estate Agent

Success in the residential real estate industry first requires a bold commitment to big dreams and a willingness to help others. That’s about all “JZ” had after 2007’s economic recession brought layoffs to Atlanta’s non-profit sector. Once a development officer for the Southeast’s largest AIDS service organization, he found himself counting coins and new contacts… Read more »

Do You Need Title Insurance?

title insurance - pixabay

Sherri Anne: Deirdre, as part of my buyer discussions, I walk through the settlement process. What paperwork to expect, including the closing statement and the costs associated with purchasing a home. But let’s be honest, the excitement and focus is always on finding the perfect home. Details on closing costs and fees are discussed, but… Read more »

More Housing = Lower Rents

Washgton DC - Michael Key - The Washington Blade

It’s not rocket science: The more housing there is, the more affordable housing will be. In cities with growing populations, the degree to which the creation of new apartment units track with the increased need for additional rental housing is the difference between soaring prices and a stable market. D.C. has begun to prove this… Read more »

Condo vs. Co-op

condo - pixabay

As you set out to buy property in D.C., one of the first considerations to think about is what type of property appeals to you. Do you want to own a standalone home or purchase in a building with shared expenses? When deciding on a unit within a building, your choices come down to a… Read more »

The Happiest City in the US

Naples, Florida

A community along the southwestern coast of Florida has claimed the title of the nation’s happiest city for the third year in a row, according to a new poll. Residents of the Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island metro area reported the highest scores on a Gallup-Sharecare’s survey of well-being, conducted in 2016 and 2017. The survey included people… Read more »

Is San Francisco’s Gayborhood Once Again Migrating?

San Francisco Gayborhoods

When bars like the Gangway close, it’s easy to dive into conversations about nostalgia. As San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating gay bar, the Gangway opened in 1910 and served primarily gay customers since the 1960s. Its shuttering earlier this year rippled through the LGBT community. Known as a humble yet familiar locale, it served as… Read more »

Clark County Asks: Where Are the Condos?

Prestige Development’s Dollie Lynch building

There is a perception among developers that if you build a condominium you may as well be building a wasp’s nest. Veering into that market has gotten many builders stung by lawsuits over purported construction defects. Vancouver developer Elie Kassab has heard those concerns, but isn’t worried. People constantly ask whether he will build any… Read more »

Preparing for a Home Inspection

smoke detector - pixabay

Congratulations, Mr. Seller! Your house is now under contract — but you may not want to start packing yet. Your contract may include contingencies, which are conditions that must be met before a real estate transaction can be completed. Unless your buyers are paying cash, they will likely have a finance contingency to ensure that… Read more »

Seattle’s Gayborhood – Shifting or Disappearing?

Seattle Gayborhood

Capitol Hill, widely known since the 1970s as Seattle’s gay neighborhood, is changing. As development and gentrification sweep in, many longtime residents have moved out. But is the gayborhood dying, or just changing? To newcomers, it may be difficult to imagine that it was ever any different. But Capitol Hill didn’t always have the city’s… Read more »