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You Can Find A Real Estate Agent To Help You Buy A Home Online 06/28/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized The good news in the real estate market is that there are thousands upon thousands of affordable properties out there. The bad news is that they’re very difficult to find if you don’t know where to look…. Read more »

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Looking For Debt Consolidation Information? Read This 06/27/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized With so many different sources of credit available, it is all too easy to find yourself buried in debt. If you have a hard time keeping track of your loans and credit cards, debt consolidation may be the answer. By combining your debts into… Read more »

Breaking News: Home Prices See Record-Breaking Increase In April; New-Home Sales Highest Since 2008; Consumer Confidence Surges To 5-Year High

A Wave of positive housing news flooded financial news wires this morning. Data through April 2013, released today by S&P Dow Jones Indicies for its S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, a leading measure of U.S. Home prices, showed average home prices increased 11.6% and 12.1 percent for the 10- and 20-City Composites in the 12 months… Read more »

Follow These Great Suggestions For Buying A Home! 06/25/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized Prior to committing to any purchase, be sure to get a good informational background on the basics, and best ways to go about it investing in real estate today. The following article will guide you. There are major ways that you can add… Read more »

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Help To Make Smarter Personal Finance Decisions 06/24/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized Unfortunately, many people around the world do not have control over their personal finances. Not knowing about money management techniques can be a big problem. Don’t panic though, because you’ve come to right place for some advice. Monitor your accounts for signs of identity… Read more »

Featured Gay Friendly Realtor: Rob Schlegel, Las Vegas

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Rob Schlegal is a former LGBT newspaper publisher who now sells Las Vegas real estate. He knows what he’s doing but is also a social activist. See Rob’s Expanded… Read more »

Featured Gay Friendly Realtor: Kim Nwachukwu, Dallas, Texas

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Kim will treat your transaction as if it were her own transaction. Guaranteed. Dalls-Fort Worth has one of the largest gay communities in the nation, Texas’ Biggest Gay Community… Read more »

Jodie Foster’s West Hollywood Home for Sale

Actress Jodie Foster has put her Los Sngeles area mansion on the market. On Top Magazine reports: The Wall Street Journal reported that the Hollywood Hills Spanish villa is composed of roughly 6,000 square feet, has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half-baths. Foster purchased the property in August 1997 from model and actress… Read more »

USA: HUD Looks at LGBT Housing Discrimination

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development just released the first report on discrimination in rental housing against LGBT citizens. LGBT Weekly reports: According to HUD’s study, same-sex couples experience unequal treatment more often than heterosexual couples when responding to internet ads for rental units, and findings show that gay male couples experience more… Read more »

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Real Estate Secrets: What You Need To Know About Home Sales 06/22/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized When you are selling your home, there are many easy fixes you can do to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Many times great houses unnecessarily sit on the market for long periods of time, eventually driving the price… Read more »

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Check This Out If You Need Help With Your Finances 06/20/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized It is difficult to deny the crucial role that personal finance plays in most people’s lives. The best way to maximize your future prospects in the financial realm is to acquire as much information as possible on the topic. Utilize the… Read more »

Paying a Realtor

I Don’t Want To Pay An Agent A Lot Of Money To Sell My Home…  I don’t want to pay an agent a lot of money to sell my home… I was standing at my local supermarkets’ deli counter, with my “take a number” ticket, when I overheard a man talking to a woman, (it… Read more »

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How To Successfully Sell Your Family Home 06/19/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized You have been unsuccessful so far in finding solid and reliable information about buying real estate. You have found the right resource no matter if you are a veteran on the subject or someone who is just getting started. In this article you will… Read more »

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Personal Finance Tips That Everyone Should Know 06/18/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized Neglecting your personal finances will get you into trouble in the future. These tips will help you get your personal finances in order. Have a plan for dealing with collection agencies and follow it. Do not engage in a war of words with a… Read more »

Time to Buy Now, Sell Now, or Move Up

Back in October, I wrote an entry for this column about the “harmonic convergence” in the real estate market that made it a great time to either buy or sell. The good time to buy was caused by some of the lowest mortgage interest rates in years, which significantly extended buying power for purchasers. (At… Read more »

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Take Control Of The Process – Home Selling Tips That Work 06/17/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized No matter why you want to sell some property, the process will go more smoothly if you know more about real estate. The tips in this article will help make the process of selling go more smoothly. Nothing is more… Read more »

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This Guideline Will Help You To Learn How To Hire A Real Estate Agent 06/14/13 / terrybor / / Uncategorized It’s never an easy thing to venture into unfamiliar territory like the housing market and still come out ahead. A lot of homebuyers out there today, are getting pulled apart from every direction and burned… Read more »

Getting Your First Home Loan

If this is your first time buying a home, the process to get your first home loan can seem complicated. Applying for your first home loan can be tricky, and the most important thing you can do is look to the experienced gay realtor you’re working with for advice. It’s recommended to get assistance from… Read more »

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Follow These Great Suggestions For Buying A Home! 06/13/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized You might have been hearing about how the current economy is making real estate a buyer’s market, but do you know how to use this to your advantage? This article has advice on how to approach buying real estate in a logical manner… Read more »

Why So Many Gays Live in Ft. Lauderdale

Well there’s a reason this sunny beach city is Florida’s gay capital, she’s filled with queers! As one of the first areas to legalize protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, Broward County was also the first school district to support LGBT History Month this past October. Outside the legal wins and historical moments, Fort… Read more »

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What Everyone Should Know Before Filing For Personal Bankruptcy 06/12/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized With the ongoing economical turmoil in the world, more and more people are considering personal bankruptcy as a viable option. It can be the only way to hold on to your home, car and other valuables. Sometimes, it is the only lifeline… Read more »

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Tips And Advice To Help Simplify The Home Buying Process 06/11/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized Buying real estate can be quite intimidating to many people. It really should be a bit scary, but not to the point where you are afraid to consider doing it. There are many decisions to be made and the wrong ones… Read more »

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Avoiding Mistakes In The Home Buying Process 06/08/13 / terrybor /  / Uncategorized It may seem like it is you against the world sometimes when it comes to dealing with buying real estate. With the vast amount of information available online it can be nearly overwhelming at first. This article will provide much helpful information for you… Read more »

Featured Gay Friendly Realtor: Linda S. Faucett, St. Petersburg, Florida

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Linda is a second generation St Pete native – knowledge of history of area, current trends & utilize variety of marketing strategies. St. Petersburg is laid-back, gay-friendly, fantastic beaches… Read more »

San Diego Experiencing a Seller’s Market

The spring home buying season is well underway and bidding wars are breaking out on San Diego’s streets. People trying to land a home while interest rates remain relatively low are up against limited choices and considerable competition. This is most evident in the western regions of the nation and San Diego is no exception…. Read more »

Summer Homebuyers

Memorial Day Weekend marked the unofficial beginning of summer. After a very busy spring market, we at The Goodhart Group are refocusing our attention on the infamous “Summer Buyer.” The Summer Buyer is a phenomenon that changes each year and that many real estate agents have never fully grasped. Often both real estate professionals and… Read more »

Featured Gay Friendly Realtor: Jim Datlen, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Periodically we’ll feature one of our real estate professionals here to let our readers know about some great Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Other Real Estate Professionals. Jim’s a Real Estate Broker serving the Greater Toronto suburbs! Quiet neighbourhoods, friendly people and freedom. Single family homes, condos – they’re all here waiting for you. See Jim’s… Read more »

NerdWallet Names the 10 Most Gay-Friendly Cities in the US

And the top three are Palm Springs, San Francisco and Seattle. NerdWallet reports: Happy Pride Month! To celebrate, NerdWallet crunched the numbers to put together a list of the most gay-friendly cities based on municipal laws, community and peer support, and safety and tolerance. The cities listed fulfill the following three requirements: Do the laws… Read more »

Arrested Development Explains the Housing Crisis

As surely as Guns N’ Roses’s “Chinese Democracy” is in the iTunes store and Duke Nukem Forever is on Steam, the fourth season of “Arrested Development” is, after seven years of hints and speculation, finally on Netflix. The show’s always had a political bent and the latest iteration is no exception. But while the first… Read more »

Will Higher Mortgage Rates Stifle the Housing Market?

Home prices have been soaring over the past year, the sharpest gains in seven years; construction activity is picking up nicely. Both trends have been driven in no small part by a steady drop in home mortgage interest rates, which have made homeownership too good a deal to pass up for millions of Americans. But… Read more »

San Diego Plans to Become a Bike Mecca

Fundamental changes in how our region moves to work, live and play are progressing fast in San Diego. Change like this is hard to come by, but we knew citizens and leaders would eventually stand together, working on solutions to the ailing public health, unstable local economies, and increasing costs of resources. The San Diego… Read more »

Las Vegas to Get a Makeover

Las Vegas is trying to beat its reputation as a shut-in. MGM Resorts International announced that it will sink $100 million into building a park and public promenade outside of its New York-New York and Monte Carlo casinos. The project runs counter to casinos’ long-held strategy of trying to keep people inside, losing track of… Read more »

LookBook Outlet Inc x gayrealtynetwork Sexy Dress

LookBook Outlet Inc x gayrealtynetwork Sexy Dress – Black / Front Cut Out Lace Insert Dress There are some dresses which have been designed to make the women who wears them look like hot vixen. This gayrealtynetwork x Lookbook Outlet item is one of these dresses. It is a revved up version of the traditional… Read more »