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Selling Your Home in the Spring

The spring market is about to hit full speed ahead so now is the critical time for sellers to prepare their home for market. Sellers working with licensed Realtors should heed their advice on what will make their home sell well and fast. In the fall, I encourage warmth, comforting smells, and a refuge from… Read more »

Today’s Real Estate Report: Mexico

Today, in our ongoing series about local real estate markets, we’ll take a look at home sales and trends in Mexico: First off, The New York Times has an article about Mexican tourist towns: Mexico’s tourist towns are slowly recovering from the global economic crisis, said Larry Stebbins, a broker for San Miguel Sotheby’s International… Read more »

Today’s Real Estate Report: Hawaii

Today, in our ongoing series about local real estate markets, we’ll take a look at home and condo sales and trends in Hawaii: Hawaii News Now chronicles the big jump in commercial real estate deals and prices in the state in 2012: Economic recovery is under way in earnest in the Hawaii commercial real estate… Read more »

Today’s Real Estate Report: France

Today we’ll take a look at France’s real estate market. First off, a report on sizzling sales in the French Alps from the NuWire Investor: Investors in the ski property market remain diligent but are returning steadily to the market especially in France where finance remains affordable and accessible, according to a new report. Also… Read more »

How to Buy a House Online

(Spoiler alert–you have to get offline and go look at the houses in person) Like most things in the world, the internet has revolutionized real estate.  There was a time when you had to physically go into a real estate brokerage to look at listings.  They were printed up and put into a binder that… Read more »

Today’s Real Estate Report: Florida

Today we’ll take a look at the Florida real estate market. Things are improving there slowly – in Southern Florida, underwater mortgages have dropped from 47% of all homes last year to 39.6% now, the Sun Sentinel reports: In the fourth quarter, 39.6 percent of mortgaged homes across Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties were… Read more »

Washington DC’s Priciest Neighborhoods

Want to know where Washington, DC’s toniest neighborhoods are? Want to rub elbows with the Capital’s rich and powerful? The Washington Blade has the skinny: “Location, location, location.” That’s the advice Realtors give clients looking to buy a home. It’s almost always better to spend the same money on the least expensive home on the… Read more »

Getting Back on the Housing Horse After a Foreclosure

Getting back into the real estate market after having been burned by a foreclosure isn’t easy, financially or emotionally. Realtor Hedy Goldman at SDGLN offers some tips: Just because you’ve gone through foreclosure, bankruptcy or have a poor credit history does not mean that you cannot buy a home. People in these situations buy homes… Read more »

Housing Starts Are Down, But Don’t Panic

So says Ezra Klein over at Wonk Blog. Housing starts dropped 8.5% in January, but there are reasons for optimism, or at least neutralism. Wonk Blog reports: First, housing starts numbers are often volatile in the winter months. A major blizzard over a large part of the country can easily stop home construction in its… Read more »

A Family Loss

Hi all, We’ve had a close family member who was seriously ill, and we recently lost them. Needless to say, work hasn’t been the foremost thing in our minds. But we’re slowly dealing with the loss and getting back into the rhythm of things. Thank you to everyone who has provided us with love and… Read more »

The Final Days of Escrow

As I’ve written about before, buying or selling a house can stressful.  Better to be honest about it than pretend it is a picnic on a summer day. One of the thorniest and most gnarled bundles of stress in the transaction is the final stretch.  Offer accepted, inspections done, appraisal is in, and the buyer’s… Read more »


(A continuing series for the next several weeks) It is true of the nation, as of the individual, that the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) BEFORE becoming 23rd president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt had already made indelible marks on the political scene. Controversial, even contradictory, a… Read more »